Financial Planning

Financial Planning seems abstract, but having a financial plan doesn’t have to be so complicated. It’s simply an adjustable road map to measure your shorter-term goals and actions against broader visions for your financial future.

Financial Planning starts well before wealth accumulates. In fact, the wealthiest among us started with merely a goal and a dream, and then used a financial plan to get to wealth. So stop waiting for wealth to arrive. Start taking sound financial steps today with a financial plan.

Investing Services

Start that 529 savings plan for your children or grandchildren now. Start investing in Roth or Traditional IRAs or start a small brokerage account and watch your money grow.

Learn how to be a savvy investor and have someone walk you through current market trends and answer your questions about what investments make sense for you.

Retirement & Estate Management

We all spend a lot of time working, and we don’t do it for nothing! Most of us plan and hope for the day when our days are completely ours to plan. So, let’s make sure you have the funds and resources to see you to that future!

Retirement planning starts the moment you take your first job. And if you didn’t start then, today is always the next best time to get started. We can show you a roadmap to saving and then spending your hard-earned money in a way that matches your lifestyle, goals and estate wishes.


Why the Chamberlin Group

Financial Planning for Every Stage of Your Life.

We do more than help you manage your investments. We consider every aspect of your life, then come up with a personalized plan that adjusts as your world unfolds. Financial planning is a lifelong process - and we will be there with you, every step of the journey.

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Hello there! My name is Brian Otterstrom. But everyone I know calls me Odie and have since I was a young child. I’m the President of The Chamberlin Group and I am excited that you are reading this. It has taken me a lifetime of personal and professional navigation to find myself in this role and I couldn’t be happier. Nothing gives me a better feeling of accomplishment than to help guide others towards financial confidence. If you’re looking for that person that can, and will, put in the effort to wrap up your financial picture and help you set a course you believe in, then you’ve found your match!

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