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At The Chamberlin Group, we understand that a values-based management style isn’t right for everyone. Clients who benefit the most from the management style generally have a clear sense of purpose and are looking beyond the success that money can bring. Generally, values-based management seems best suited to those clients who recognize their continuing responsibilities to themselves, family and community.

Our Philosophy

Our primary focus is the financial well-being of our clients. 

By working with us you can rest easy knowing that we put your best interests first and that our advice is tailored to fit your specific financial strategy. We are committed to helping you protect and grow your wealth.

What to Expect

Our motivation is derived from building personal connections.

We help you find your true passions and assist in the creation of a financial plan that gives you confidence to be your best self. All while developing a relationship that transcends beyond our strategy sessions. 


Why the Chamberlin Group

Hi, I’m Dan!

Well, hello. I’m Dan Chamberlin and I’m the CEO of The Chamberlin Group. I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana and a product of Hellgate High School and later attended the University of Montana. I didn't realize, as a child, that we were "blue collar" or "middle class." I always had a good home, my own room, and plenty of food! In high school I began to notice the different circumstances and attitudes that money, or the lack thereof, brought into people's lives and wanted to be part of something larger than myself.

When I started this business thirty years ago my conviction was clear: I believed, passionately, that many Montanans could benefit from guidance navigating the complex realities of financial planning. That conviction has only deepened through the years and continues to be filled with intentional purpose as we move more of our clients towards economic independence with a high degree of confidence in their own financial futures.

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Financial Planning for Every Stage of Your Life.

We do more than help you manage your investments. We consider every aspect of your life, then come up with a personalized plan that adjusts as your world unfolds. Financial planning is a lifelong process - and we will be there with you, every step of the journey.

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Hi, I’m Odie!

Hello there! My name is Brian Otterstrom. But everyone I know calls me Odie and have since I was a young child. I’m the President of The Chamberlin Group and I am excited that you are reading this. It has taken me a lifetime of personal and professional navigation to find myself in this role and I couldn’t be happier. Nothing gives me a better feeling of accomplishment than to help guide others towards financial peace of mind. If you’re looking for that person that can, and will, put in the effort to wrap up your financial picture and help you set a course you believe in, then you’ve found your match!

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